Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rev. Paul E. Thomas, Arts and Sciences, 1972

As a retired UCC minister I am increasingly concerned about the unresponsiveness of our major institutions to the crisis of climate change. I am in full support of the April action by Tufts students and alums, and wish to add my voice to the call to "Divest Tufts" from investment in fossil fuels. I plan to withhold donations to Tufts until I see progress in that direction. I will however consider a donation to a scholarship only fund, but I need to research that option.

Coryn Wolk, Arts and Sciences, 2011

I wish this movement had been active when I was at Tufts so I could have done more to support it! I am a proud Jumbo working in environmental advocacy, but Tufts's support of fossil fuels and treatment of students working for divestment makes me ashamed of my alma mater. As a school built on a former seashore (ask the geology professors!), Tufts leadership should be aware of how much the climate--both physically and politically--can change.

Christine Paige, Arts and Sciences, 1975

Tufts, do the right thing.

John Plummer, Arts and Sciences, 1988

When I was there we had to fight you on apartheid. Why are you making us fight on this now? Divest!

Raymond Bokhour, Arts and Sciences, 1988

Stay strong. The future of humanity is at stake - that's no exaggeration. Thank you for your brave action. 

Julia Wedgle, Arts and Sciences, 2015

My mom (J '74, M '79) and grandfather (M '52) are both Tufts Alum. They instilled in me a strong passion for activism and creating social change. I came to Tufts because active citizenship is in its mission statement. However I quickly learned that Tufts as an institution, as a corporation, does not live up to the values in its mission and vision by any means. I will not donate to Tufts until it divests from fossil fuels, tobacco, guns, private prisons, and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. I will not donate to Tufts until it creates sustainable labor policies for all of its workers including its janitors and adjunct professors. I will not donate to Tufts until it actually practices the active citizenship that it preaches. I will not donate to Tufts until it lives up the values that attracted my mother, my grandfather and me to this school in the first place. 

Kevin Morris, Engineering, 2008

Tufts posits itself as an institution on the leading edge of both societal and technological developments, with a strong commitment to furthering the public interest.  Divestment is a great opportunity to prove it- Tufts ought to be embracing this chance to take an early role in such a socially and environmentally conscious movement.  Let's be the guiding light.  Pax et lux.

Lauren Traitz, Arts and Sciences, 2014

I refuse to support an institution that doesn't support my future or the world we call home. My frustration with the university stems from my gratitude for everything it gave me. I want Tufts to be a place that I want to be associated with.

Ian Kelly, Arts and Sciences, 2014

Climate change is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. We must take immediate and monumental action to confront this challenge. Our action in the next 5 years will determine if this century is a difficult one, or an impossible one, for humanity. 

Emily Edgerly Iwamoto, Arts and Sciences, 2015

I refuse to financially support Tufts until they commit to full divestment from fossil fuels, private prisons, and the Israeli occupation!

Peter Stone, Arts and Sciences, 2015

As someone who has been dedicated to development at Tufts during my four years here, it disappoints me that Tufts refuses to take leadership on the crucial divestment movement. This, among issues relate to labor practices at Tufts, will prevent me from giving to Tufts until I see that our administration decides to take leadership on choosing ethical practices.

Benjamin Downing, Arts and Sciences, 2008

We can and should lead by example

Devyn Powell, Arts and Sciences, 2014

Fossil fuel companies are the parties most directly and indefensibly responsible for driving the destructive warming of our climate. Unless these companies switch their portfolios entirely to renewable sources, and pledge to stop extracting oil, coal, and gas, they will remain enemies, not allies, in our efforts to solve the climate crisis. By investing in these companies, Tufts is investing in climate change. Period.

The most common arguments against fossil fuel divestment are proving to be myths, one by one. Shareholder advocacy doesn't work - ask the Rockefellers, who recently divested their foundation's portfolio from the industry. Divestment doesn't hurt return on investment - many fossil-free portfolios perform as well or better than standard mixes. Ask any number of investment professionals, several of whom are also Tufts alumni! The increasingly mainstream media coverage of divestment and the involvement of diverse institutions including foundations, churches, towns, and hundreds of public and private universities show that this is a social movement with staying power beyond the Ivory Tower bubble. And Peabody Coal's recent report that they fear divestment could ""hurt demand for their products"" shows that the impact of this movement is much more than symbolic.

I could go on, but the verdict is in. Your move, Tufts.

The time is now, Tufts. Stand for your values. Create lasting impact. Lead where Harvard and MIT will not. Divest!

Edward Warren, Arts and Sciences, 2008

This is a chance for Tufts to lead.

Daniel Hurwit, Arts and Sciences, 2009, Engineering, 2015

To the board and the select few who are empowered by the broader Tufts community to make investment decisions: it's not too late to be on the right side of history. Be bold, and if that's not your thing... be shrewd! 

Sarabeth Buckley, Arts and Sciences, 2012

I love Tufts dearly, but will not donate to Tufts until it divests from fossil fuels. Not only is it a financially unwise investment considering the impending collapse of the carbon bubble, but the message of supporting the fossil fuel industry is inconsistent with protecting the students they care so much about. By supporting the fossil fuel industry, Tufts is contributing to the deterioration of the planet their students will inherit. I want Tufts University to be a leader on addressing climate change. 

Shira Rascoe, Arts and Sciences, 2014

The refusal to divest from fossil fuels -- despite extensive student support and solid moral and financial arguments in favor -- shows a disappointing lack of responsibility and foresight.

Joel Kachinsky, Arts and Sciences, 1965

My 50th Tufts reunion is 20 days away.  I live in Tennessee, but I'll be there.  I was about to send a donation to Tufts when I heard about the divestment campaign.  I've decided not to donate to Tufts until a serious commitment is made by the university to, at least, divest its endowment from the largest 200 publicly traded  fossil companies over a 5 year period and freeze all new investments.

Monday, April 20, 2015

David Rego, Arts and Sciences, 2008

Proven by science, and intellectually, morally, and ethically indisputable; please divest from fossil fuels.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Emma Schneider, Arts and Sciences, 2012

Dear Tufts,

Please practice what you teach and act as leaders of social and environmental justice. Until I see Tufts acting in genuinely sustainable and justice-oriented ways, I will donate to community organizations rather than to Tufts.


Michael Kramer, Arts and Sciences, 1988

There are plenty of well-proven ways to earn competitive return for the endowment without fossil fuels, tobacco, pornography, major polluters, mines in the Congo, and much more. It's time to realize that it is not only unethical to profit from unhealthy and exploitative practices, but when it comes to atmospheric carbon, our survival literally depends on it. Divestment sends a powerful message to companies, policymakers and society at large about the steps we need to take to become a more just and sustainable civilization. Now is the time.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Katherine Nittman, Arts and Sciences, 2012

So impressed current students are pursuing this!! It is a strategic and IMPORTANT move to show we really care about the values our University promotes. 

Alyssa Koomas, Nutrition Science and Policy, 2009

Tufts is currently a part of the climate change problem. Let's be a part of the solution. 

Fred Davis, Arts and Sciences, 1976

I was proud to be a Tufts student activist in the 1970s; I helped bring the Fast for a World Harvest to campus and helped get the Environmental Studies major started. Since graduation, I have had a career in the field of energy conservation and renewables. Today's climate action campaign continues a long Tufts tradition of global consciousness.