Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kate Whitman, Arts and Sciences, 2001

I was heartened to learn that the Board of Trustees Investment Committee recently met with Tufts students to discuss the possible divestment of approximately $70 million (~5% of endowment funds) from the fossil fuel industry.   Had I been able to attend with my newly born son, I would have been there to show my support!  When initially signing this petition, my comments were, "As a contributing alumni, I pledge to withhold all future personal financial contributions to Tufts University until this path to divestment has begun."  I expect that Tufts will fully divest from fossil fuel companies, and perhaps turn attention and investments towards renewable energy and strategies for our future planetary success.  Please know that I will be MORE inclined to contribute to Tufts when I see our university leading in this way.

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